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Garden Design & Maintenance



Need for Seed is an established company offering a professional horticultural service to domestic homes, small businesses and commercial enterprises, all the way from basic garden needs to garden design and small scale arboricultural work. This company is not just about doing the bare minimum, we also offer a service to develop existing gardens using innovative design and even create new green areas where opportunities arise.

With over 9 years of experience in garden maintenance and 7 years in garden design, our company offers a high level of practical horticulture and deliver exclusive service, using organic approaches to gardening no matter the situation. Pesticide use and other harmful chemicals used in horticulture is contributing to the loss of bees, butterflies and a whole host of other wildlife, we find practical solutions that work to combat these issues.

Developing a garden is where it becomes exciting, we have the potential to propagate plants on demand and we work hard to fully satisfy our clients needs when it come to an ergonomic and specific design.

Within a garden there are many things that need to be considered in order to create space for you to enjoy. Our services include all soft landscaping tasks as well as eco-friendly timber construction and bespoke projects.


"I was recommended Chris Bent through the website for the estate I live on.  I had moved into a brand new house with quite a sizeable garden which was basically soil.  At our initial meeting Chris took on board my ideas and prepared a plan which was exactly what I had in mind. 

Over the next 8 to 9 months the garden was developed.  Chris would happily listen to my ideas and would explain how we could achieve them.  I am really pleased with the result and friends and family are very complimentary and enjoy visiting and being in the garden. 

If you are looking for soft landscaping with colour and variety then I highly recommend Chris Bent - Need for Seed."  

Ruth Mitchinson

Ruth's raised beds in full bloom.